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Let’s Dive into the Staining Process

You’ll Need:

1.  Stain

2.  Scraper tool

3.  Stir stick

4.  Disposable paintbrush

5.  Sander


1.  Begin by removing doorknobs and locks.

2.  If necessary, sand off the old stain to prepare the wood surface.

3.  Clean the wood door thoroughly.

4.  Take off the weather stripping carefully.

5.  Stir the stain (avoid shaking) to ensure it’s well-mixed.

6.  Apply the first coat of stain onto the wood door.

7.  Allow it to dry for a full 24 hours.

8.  Apply the second coat of stain to achieve the desired finish.

9.  Reinstall the weather stripping, doorknobs, and locks.

Typically, we remove doors for painting or staining, but due to the cold weather, that’s not an option as it might be uncomfortable for the homeowners or lead to high heating bills.

Removing the weather stripping is a crucial step! Failing to do so can result in the freshly painted or stained door sticking to the weather stripping, causing damage when you try to open it.

Lastly, ensure there are no air bubbles in the stain for a smooth and professional-looking finish!

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